Experience charming neighborhoods in this family-friendly suburb

Welcome to Westfield

Westfield, Indiana, offers the best of suburban living. Its welcoming and quiet residential streets provide a small-town vibe with all the benefits of living close to everyday necessities, restaurants, shops, and entertainment areas. Its new infrastructure and pro-business economic climate are a haven for young professionals looking to move into a quieter, slower-paced lifestyle without sacrificing world-class amenities found in large cities. Despite its growth, Westfield still maintains its beloved character and charm and attracts many families into the area. Westfield’s real estate is diverse, with various housing offered to residents. Apartments, sprawling suburban homes, and rural properties located on large lots all dwell within the area. Grand Park, located in the heart of Westfield, is a major draw and houses 400 acres dedicated to outdoor recreation. 

What to Love

  • Home to the 400-acre Grand Park
  • Friendly atmosphere 
  • Growth in population and businesses
  • Plenty of dining opportunities

Local Lifestyle 

Westfield maintains a strong sense of community where locals know and appreciate each other. Residents spend a lot of time frequenting major attractions, including Restaurant Row, a favored spot for food lovers in Westfield, and Grand Park. Sports courts and fields, biking trails, and open green spaces provide locals with lots of ways to get outside and enjoy nature in the community. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Westfield is an up-and-coming culinary destination thanks to Restaurant Row. Along this stretch of paradise are restaurants like Greek's Pizzeria, The Italian House on Park, Chiba, and Cone + Crumb. Italian House on Park is named one of the 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America for 2022 and is the only OpenTable restaurant listed in Indiana. 


Enjoy mouth-watering barbeque in a pirate-themed setting at Big Hoffa's Smokehouse. Here, you’ll dine on generous portions of brisket, ribs, and more. West Fork Whiskey Co. is a world-class dining experience. The venue is a distillery, cocktail lounge, and event center. Here, you’ll dine on small plates while sipping on handcrafted cocktails and listening to live music. 


Things to Do

Grand Park Sports Campus spans over 400 acres and is the area’s premier venue for outdoor recreation. 26 baseball and softball diamonds, 31 multipurpose fields for soccer, football, and lacrosse, and over 10 miles of biking trails, including the largest trailhead on the Monon Corridor, are found inside Grand Park. Pacers Athletic Center is also located inside the campus and is home to eight basketball courts and a full-service restaurant. The area is great for people of all ages. 


Westfield-Washington Schools serves the community of Westfield and is a nationally-recognized public school corporation home to incredible educational institutions. 

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